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Colibri Cultural is a creative production company based in London and Rio. It offers services in film and events production, exhibition production & curation, as well as specialist production services such as subtitling, script development, and market research in the creative sector. 

We aim to produce collaboratively and engage audiences to inspire and bring people of different cultures and backgrounds together.


Adriana Rouanet

Adriana has 10+ years experience as a cultural and film producer in Europe and in Latin America. She set up  Colibri Cultural and Film Productions in the UK in 2011 and in Brazil in 2014 to develop projects of global relevance, and to promote collaboration between countries. 


She is passionate about the arts, museums, and education, especially projects in the collaborative economy, bringing together experiences and widening their potential outreach. She is a firm believer that active education and immersive culture are powerful means of personal & social transformation. She is a dynamic and experienced networker and fundraiser.


  • Films

Colibri produces feature length fiction and documentary films, as well as promotional films and trailers. We can support production from fundraising and early development phase to full production and post-production. We have teams in the UK, Europe and Brazil. Contact us to discuss your project!

  • Film Festivals & Events

Colibri curates and produces film festivals of all sizes, for all types of venues. Festivals can be themed or not. Production involves fundraising, finding venues and planning opening events, panel discussions, production markets, and closing cerimonies. Curation involves proposing themes, sourcing films, clearing rights, securing subtitles, and putting together programmes. Colibri also produces other events such as conferences, book launches, and talks.

  • Exhibitions 

Colibri produces all types of exhibitions, from development of concept, sourcing partners and exhibits, handling transport, insurance, catalogues, and opening parties.

  • Specialized Production

Colibri produces other events, including conferences, musical recitals, book launches, panel discussions, lectures, and corporate or private parties. It also offers specialized production services, such as subtitling, script development, and content & market research in the cultural sector.


Ready to get creative? Contact us!
Ready to get creative? Contact us!

Tel UK +44 749690 8484

Tel BR + 55 3942 4245

Skype: adrianarouanet

Thank you! We'll be in touch!

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