The Art of Diplomacy
Executive Producer of this EXHIBITION of modernist works at the Embassy of Brazil curated by Hayle Gadelha (Foreign Ministry) and Adrian Locke (Royal Academy of Arts), April 5th -June 22nd 2018
Executive Producer and Associate Producer of Tarsila: a feature FILM about the Brazilian modernist artist Tarsila do Amaral. Co-produced with Bedlam Productions and Tatu Filmes.
Female Perspectives
FESTIVAL: 6th edition of the Cinema of Brazil Festival, Dec 8th-11th 2018. RichMix London
Havaianas in Ghana
FILM: Documentary tracking the origins of rice in Ghana as told through the stories of Brazilian ex-slaves and Brazilian expat farmers today.
Tempest in a Tea Cup
FILM: Documentary about London's Entelechy Arts' and Londrina's Casa das Fases' 3rd age actors embarking on a staging of Shakespeare's The Tempest
FILM: Documentary about Archduchess Leopoldina, Hapsburg Empress of Brazil. Co-produced by Satel Films and Tatu Filmes.
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